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Re: Fish lists.....aFish 4 sale....

I also think that the greater part of communication is non verbal. So
when you combine that with the sterile manner of email. It is easy to
oofend and cause probs. So all of us should keep in mind that befor we
send off a note you wrote while upset take some time off and look at it

BTW Here is a great contact for purchasing longear sunfish............

Tyson Lagillandaie 8483 Blue Lake Dr. San Diego ca. 92119 1-619-462-1643

Has for sale : Longear Sunfish The colorfull subspecies seen in FAMA and
TFH. Also has Tadpole Madtoms, soon to have dollar sunfsih  and orange
spot sunfish. ALL DOMESTICALLY REARED. Prices 3$ a fish ,12 fish minimum
add 12$ postage......

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