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Voice of God

Hello all.
   Just a few friendly reminders:  Majordomo at actwin_com can give you the
information on the list with the info nanf command.  It also accepts the
comand list, to give a complete list of actwin lists.  It also accepts
help, tog et all sorts of fun stuff. :)
   To quote from the info:
  "this list has been flame free, please keep it that way" (or something

   Well, so much for that.  This list is to remain flame and politics
free.  For flames:  You will get one friendly reminder, such as today.
You will tehn get a warning.  You will then be unsubscribed and blocked
from the list.  Three strikes, you're out.
   For politics.  This is greyer than flames. Because of that, you will
get three reminders, two warnings, and then be removed.  There are forums
for politics.  However, Nasty_Notes (tm) across the list will simply not
be tolerated.  If you absolutely must send them, send them to one anothers
private mail boxes, until one of you gets so fed up you report the other
to their postmaster.  

J. L. Wiegert.