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My understanding of the differences between NANFA and NFC is exactly 
what you pointed out in your last paragraph. NANFA is primarily a native 
fish hobbyist group, with some interest in selected conservation 
efforts.  The regular pilgrimages of Peter Unmack and associates to Ash 
Meadows is a good example, however, it should be noted that most, if not 
all, regional activities are funded by the Regional Coordinators and/or 
members, and are not financially supported by the NANFA BOD. The NFC, on 
the other hand, can be expected to funnel significant funds to 
grassroots projects, because that is where the main focus of the NFC is: 
the fish and their habitat.  NFC, unlike NANFA, actively seeks 
partnering opportunities to achieve common goals.  The NFC will operate 
as a non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to 
conservation of native fish AND their habitats on which they depend for 

NANFA's primary focus is on the hobbyist with a secondary focus on 
conservation, primarily one day Ash Meadows type projects.  NFC, on the 
other hand, is more concerned with conservation initiatives involving 
land or easement acquisition, ecological research, etc., of which 
promotion of recreational collecting and keeping of native fish in 
aquariums is only a part, albeit an important one.

The other main difference which you might note from comparing the 
foundational documents of the two organizations is that NANFA is an 
organization centered on its BOD and, to a much lesser extent, its 
Regional Coordinators. NFC, on the other hand, limits its BOT to 
high-level policy decisions and devolves responsibility and authority to 
the people doing the work of the NFC, at many levels. To implement its 
extensive agenda, the NFC will need to do some serious fundraising and 
recruitment to meet its intended goal of 10,000 members by the year 
2000. I, for one, believe that the NFC will not only reach that goal, it 
will surpass it, as the NFC is a "big tent" type of organization, with 
something for just about anyone interested in native fish, whether 
hobbyist, biologist, sport fisherman, etc.

The best documents for getting a good overview of what NFC is all about 
is to read our Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, 
which were adopted on April 18, 1998 and should be available for review 
at the NFC website, along with the first set of FAQ's.

Hope this sheds a bit more light on the subject.

Dwight D. Moody, NFC Secretary/Treasurer

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>If you have, somewhere in your various messages, told me how the NFC is 
>different from NANFA, I still don't get it.  Sorry I'm a little slow on 
>I'm guessing that you perceive the main difference to lie in the area 
>funding of conservation efforts, public awareness, and research.  So, 
>to the NANFA mission statement which I quote again, "..to increase 
>appreciation of native species through observation, study, research, 
>captive husbandry, and the restoration and improvement of their natural 
>habitat; to assemble and distribute information...".    How is this 
>different?  Is the NFC primarily a fund-raising organization that 
>money into conservation projects (including habitat restorartion, 
>breeding, education, etc.), whereas NANFA does not?  If so, since 
>mission includes nearly identical wording, why not push to amend 
>charter to accomodate this function.
>To summarize my questions:
>Is the principle focus of th NFC on fund raising - i.e., is that what 
>distinguishes this organization from NANFA?
>Why not modify NANFA's charter to accomodate the goals of the NFC? Why 
>we need two very similar organizations?
>Finally, you remarked that the "Nature Conservancy would never support 
>(financially speaking) a regional activity...".  I'm not sure what you 
>in mind here, but the local chapters of the Nature Conservancy that 
>been associated with have all supported regional activities.  That's 
>they have local chapters.  Granted, they probably aren't going to pitch 
>to help bring a pond back to life in the middle of a subdivision.  
>their resource constraints, they go for the bigger picture.  So, is the 
>role you envision for the NFC to pick up where the larger organizations 
>leave off?
>I hope my questions don't come across as criticism of the NFC attempt.  
>think it's a valid proposition, but I also think it needs some serious 
>(be glad to help, by the way).   NANFA always struck me as a hobbiest 
>organization at the core, with conservation interests.  I am more 
>interested in a scientific/conservation organization at the core, with 
>hobbiest interests.  Hopefully that is what you have in mind with the 
NFC - 
>but some of the language leads me to think otherwise.
>Merle McCartney

Dwight D. Moody
P.O. Box 214
East Montpelier VT  05651-0214
802-476-0685 (home), 802-241-3482 (work)
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