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American Aquarium Fishes book

I have found some typos in the text while emplacing photos.
1. On p 177 and 178, change area code 314 to 573
2. p. 93, change Tiaroga to Rhinichthys
3. p. 378 delete comma after zonatus (bottom of page)
4. p. 382 change Hemitrema to Hemitremia
5. p. 344 add footnote: Erimystax dissimilis, not discussed in text, is common
in Ozark streams.
6. p. 98, 114  change Hybopsis monacha to Cyprinella monacha.

I've worked in over 200 of Roston's photos, about a dozen of mine, and am
seeking more from Bryant (who is having software difficulties) and Rohde,
especially for darters, elassoma species, and suckers. By this e-mail, I'm
advertising far and wide for other outstanding photographs. Carter, can you
provide some originals of unusual species? I have some great copies you sent
me years ago. - Bob Goldstein