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Re: American Aquarium Fishes book


I have forwarded your note to Garold Sneegas he will be contacting you
shortly. He has done a great deal of the artwork in my articles and It
has been very well recieved . He has been in a great many other books and
I am confident you will find his work will meet your high standards. BTW
his email is Gsneegas at juno_com if you want to contact him first

Keep up the good work,

Robert Rice

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On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:18:13 EDT Rjga <Rjga at aol_com> writes:
>I have found some typos in the text while emplacing photos.
>1. On p 177 and 178, change area code 314 to 573
>2. p. 93, change Tiaroga to Rhinichthys
>3. p. 378 delete comma after zonatus (bottom of page)
>4. p. 382 change Hemitrema to Hemitremia
>5. p. 344 add footnote: Erimystax dissimilis, not discussed in text, 
>is common
>in Ozark streams.
>6. p. 98, 114  change Hybopsis monacha to Cyprinella monacha.
>I've worked in over 200 of Roston's photos, about a dozen of mine, and 
>seeking more from Bryant (who is having software difficulties) and 
>especially for darters, elassoma species, and suckers. By this e-mail, 
>advertising far and wide for other outstanding photographs. Carter, 
>can you
>provide some originals of unusual species? I have some great copies 
>you sent
>me years ago. - Bob Goldstein

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