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Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 13:50:53 PDT
From: Dwight Moody <dwightmoody at hotmail_com>
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Subject: Re: BOUNCE nanf at actwin_com: Non-member submission from     [peter.unmack at ASU_Edu] (fwd)

Good points, and ones which are being looked at extensively. Keep those 
cards and letters of facts, opinions etc. concerning native fish issues 

BTW, I note that Gerald Allen notes that you are the discoverer of a 
desert blue-eye (P. rubropinnis - hopefully I got the scientific name 
right) and very active concerning rainbowfish and blue eyes.  Any 
possibility that you have any of the rubropinnis or other specific 
source rainbowfish/blue-eyes that we could discuss trading? I seem to 
have a penchant for liking very hard to get species and can assure you 
that my breeding program maintains genetic purity as I don't mix species 
which can interbreed.  In fact, most of my tanks are dedicated to a 
particular species.

Any info on obtaining pure strains of rainbowfish and blue-eyes would be 
greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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>Subject: Re: NANFA-- Sales of native fishes for ornamental
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>On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, robert a rice wrote:
>Just a couple of trivial comments.
>> I had hoped my little blurb would not only give me some customer 
>> but initiate a discussion on the merits of selling fish as 
>Like most things it has good and bad aspects.  At low frequency it is 
>probably good if the fish are spread to responsible people who document 
>their experiences with the fish, hence furthering our basic knowledge 
>providing information that can be useful in their conservation.  At 
>higher frequencies it tends to turn the other way, the benefits are 
>there, and may be increased, but negative points start to emerge such 
>fish being hybridised or translocated etc etc by ignorant or malicious 
>> They will have no emotional responses to a fish they
>> do not know so any kind of exposure for most none game fishies is 
>> exposure 
>I would have to broadly agree with this.
>> Yes of course native fish have been sold
>> for years as sport/bait species and those species have benifited with
>> financial resources heading their way.
>Does anyone have any examples of bait fish that have benefited because
>they were bait fish?  I know plenty of fish that have suffered as a 
>of introduced bait fish the western USA.  Certainly the game fish to 
>extent has benefited, although trying to find "pure" original 
>of some game fish is getting more difficult due to widespread poorly
>thought out sport fish stockings.  Is this an improvement?  On the 
>hand some game fish have benefited, ie native trouts. 
>So, what does it all mean?  Buggered if I know, except that unless we 
>educate people as to the dangers of keeping fish, and their 
>responsibilities towards the environment, the native fish we all 
>are screwed eventually.  Hence part of the reason for NANFA coming up 
with a 
>mission statement / ethics statement.  This is not to say that 
>fishkeepers are not the only ones responsible for the decline of native 
>fish, they most certainly are not.  But the potential is there to 
>contribute to this impact.  Of course, this has nothing to do with the 
>rights or wrongs of selling native fish, but then again I'm not well 
>known for sticking to a topic anyway.  :-)
>Peter J Unmack 			peter.unmack at asu_edu
>DESERT FISHES RULE: To boldly thrive where no other fish can make it!
>Australian desert fishes pages at http://ozdesertfish.base.org (don't 
>forget to visit the Desert Fishes Council pages too)
>Native Fish Australia pages at http://www.nativefish.asn.au
>North American Native Fishes Association at http://www.nanfa.org 
>Aquatic Conservation Network at http://www.acn.ca

Dwight D. Moody
P.O. Box 214
East Montpelier VT  05651-0214
802-476-0685 (home), 802-241-3482 (work)
One of the earliest Christian symbols was the fish
(Greek: icthys, which was an abbreviation for the Greek
words in the phrase: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior).
Thus, disciples could identify each other by their use
of the fish symbol, which continues to be used today.
Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish and remained
within it for three days and three nights. Afterwards,
he was "vomited" (literal translation) onto the beach
to go and minister to the people of Ninevah (Jonah 2:1-11).
While we often find references in aquarium books
concerning the first instances of fishkeeping
by humans, this appears to be the first instance
of humankeeping by a fish!

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