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"Jeff Fullerton" <tcmajorr at westol_com>: NANFA-- A good Plant Book

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Native Fish Enthusiasts

A good reference for identifying interesting plants encountered on your
collecting trips is "Common Marsh , Underwater & Floating-leaved Plants
the United States and Canada" by Neil Hotchkiss - who is or was a
Biologist at the Paxtuxent Wildlife research center in Maryland. 

This is a very comprehensive field guide consisting of line drawlings and
basic text that a lay person can understand without being overwhealmed by
technical jargon and taxonomic keys. 

And when I say comprehensive I mean it. Who would ever have imagined 7
different species of Milfoils or the seasonably variable nature of some
plants that are truely amphibious and lead double lives that are as
different as night and day !

Good reading if you can find it. I'm not sure where you might be able to
get this book now since my copy is over 10 years old and the book may be
out of print. But a specialty book seller. It is published by Dover in
US. General Publishing LTD in Canada & Constable & CO LTD in the UK. 
Library of Congress # is 74-187019.

Good Nite All
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