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Re: Thanks to Robert

Thanks George,

I will continue to be active on the NANF list. NANFA the organization I
headed will be losing my services. With any organization that has regular
election political swings for no good reason (in this case only 4
candidates ran for 4 positions and they basically all did not like me )
are inevitable in this case I was on the wrong side of the fence election
wise but on the right side issue wise. So I'll be around and thanks again
for the plug I appreciate it.

Robert Rice

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:30:11, -0500 RVFS68A at prodigy_com (MR GEORGE W
DAVIS) writes:
>Thanks Robert,
>     I have been a lurker on the list, but have certainly enjoyed your
>articles.  They have inspired me to hopefully do some local exploring 
>in Delaware in the spring.
>     Your articles have been well written and detailed.  More than 
>just a
>moment went into composing them.  I hope you will continue to write 
>for the
>list.   George Davis,  Wilmington, DE