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I also am interested in this, as I believe it fits well with NANFA's
mission and
goals.  Coordinated conservation initiatives with other fish associations
can only
further NANFA objectives and enhance our reputation as a conservation
in the process.  I am currently keeping Monterey platies (Xiphophorus
and am actively seeking similar species.

I have also obtained some information from the US Fish and Wildlife
Service concerning
transportation and import/export of endangered species.  For federally
listed species,
any interstate movement of these species is regulated by the USFWS, which
proper documentation and notification.  It seems that this would be most
easily implemented
if NANFA was a  USFWS recognized scientific/educational organization,
which may be
more easily obtained if we first obtain non-profit status from the IRS as
a 510(c)(3)
organization for scientific/educational purposes.

P.S.: let me know if I can arrange a purchase or native fish trade for
some of those
goodeid fry, as livebearers are one of my main groups of fish which I am

Dwight D. Moody
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One of the earliest Christian symbols was the fish
(Greek: icthys, which was an abbreviation for the Greek
words in the phrase: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior).
Thus, disciples could identify each other by their use
of the fish symbol, which continues to be used today.
Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish and remained
within it for three days and three nights. Afterwards,
he was "vomited" (literal translation) onto the beach
to go and minister to the people of Ninevah (Jonah 2:1-11).
While we often find references in aquarium books
concerning the first instances of fishkeeping
by humans, this appears to be the first instance
of humankeeping by a fish!

>re: captive propagation of endangered NA fish
>NANFA should establish a formal relationship with the American Killifish
>Association which has some overlap with NANFA in this regard.  Some AKA
>members are keeping and breeding North American killies that are extinct
>the wild.  I, for example, am keeping and breeding Cyprinadon Alverezi,
>pupfish which is no longer found in its original habitat.  I would also
>to know what livebearers (outside of Gambusia) are considered threatned
>endangered, since I see some of them come up in the local area every now
>then.  I picked up a nice group of Xenotoca eiseni, the red-tail goodeid
>have over 30 fry outgrowing a 20 gal tank.
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