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new add for tpost.......

this was sent to me I have coopied it as is edit if you see

R. Wolff 6510 Helke Rd. Wisconsin Rapids Wis 54494- Southern Wi. members
interested in collecting, meeting or starting a regional newsletter
please contact ME.  HAS FOR TRADE ONLY : Except to University or
scientific study. Brook Stickleback, Central Mudminnow, Northern Redbelly
Dace, Finescale dace, Pearl Dace, Blacknose Shiner, Iowa darter ,and
Rivulus and Amphysemion Killifish species.Info on breeding pygmy sunfish,
Lepomis Species, and Killifish WANTS: Any pygmy sunfish with location
data.Other interesting Southern species. I am not a pet store serious
inquires only please !