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Re: Starhead Topminnows

On Sat, 15 Nov 1997 09:51:09 -0500 "Jeff Fullerton" <tcmajorr at westol_com>
>Dear Robert Rice
>I have been a long time native fish enthusiast. I keep a variety of 
>sunfishes and minnows in an outdoor pond. Recently I have begun
>experimenting with the Eastern Starhead Topminnow - Fundulus escambiae
>which I discovered while searching for a certain type of water plant 
>in the
>Florida Panhandle in the fall of 1996. The habitat was a lily covered
>streach of water bisected by a road somewhere in Bay or Washington 

Ilive in Santa Rosa County in the same neck of the woods..............

>The water was very tannic and acidic , so I had at long last found a 
>species of Killyfish that would thrive in my pond - fed predominantly 
>rain water and on the acid side.Blackbanded Sunfish thrive in it !

Other species that would do well would be Lucania goodiei , F. Chrsotus,
. Cingulatus, Heterandria formosa, and all the pygmy sunfish

>I would be interested in hearing from you in regard to the 
>husbandry of
>Fundulus escambiae or similar species you might be breeding. 

F. escambia is the classic vegetaion spawner, keys to induce spawning are
temp , 78 or so seems to work, a mixed diet of algae and live foods,a
spawning mop and a quick eye. they are bit predacios on their young.
Escambia is the county right next to mine where these beast got their

Also I'm
>looking for Taillight Shiners - we looked all over Florida for them 
>the past two trips and so far come up empty. Have you ever had any
>experience with them or know someone else who has ? Is there anywhere 
>fish might be caught and if so , is it even worth the effort to keep 
>them ?

Never found or kept Taillight shiner in this neck of the woods the
Flagfin shiner rules closely followed by the sailfin and broadstripe

>Sincerely Jeff Fullerton
>tcmajorr at westol_com

Robert Rice