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Native fish heading to Europe

Hello all,

I just spent another week collecting with Keld Hansen of credo fish in
Denmark. He is the premier BREEDER of fish for the aquarium trade. He
says the demand for NA Native fishes is a all time high. Any how we
managed to collect breeding groups of approximatly 25 of the following
species. The fish are tucked into his suitcase as carryon luggage and
should be feeding on live mosquito larvae in their Copenhagen 3000 litre
tanks by tommorrow afternoon.

Flagfin Shiner

Sailfin Shiner

Ellassoma ZOnatum

Ellasoma evergladi

Blackbanded Sunfish

Bluespotted Sunfish

Dollar Sunfish

Longear Sunfish (kansas Subspecies)

He expects to have the first generations avaliable for sale within 6
months ! His breeding Data will be made avaliable to the general public.
Finally a large scale breeder in Europe.

Robert Rice