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gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas): NANFA-- Re: fish in Focus

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From: gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas)
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Subject: NANFA-- Re: fish in Focus
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 07:30:50 EST
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Hello all,

If anyone has any photos of a fish they would like to show on the "Fish
in Focus" section of the NANFA web page drop me a line and I will be glad
to help you set it up. If you do not have a digital image I can scan your
slide or negative but not prints. 

On a similar note I can also scan 1x3 glass microscope slides. If anyone
needs an image of a fish scale or other parts for an American Currents
article let me know.

Garold W. Sneegas  <*)))><
gsneegas at juno_com  
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