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Re: Native Fish

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997 01:24:21 -0400 Jim Wood <woodj at sojourn_com> writes:
>What makes up an organized breeding program?

Any individual or group who is a serious enough aquarist to have had some
success in breeding fish.............I put that statement next to my
trading poost to let people know i am not a pet store and those with a
I'll just go get another one attitude need not contact me............

>I have just turned my attentions to breeding some north american 
>natives, so
>I can't say I'm too organized yet.  As some background: I've been a 
>for nearly 40 years, I've been keeping natives for 30, I am a 
>fish biologist, and currently have four aquariums running with a 
>variety of
>sunfish and killifish, and a few darters.  My attention right now is 
>to be breeding long-ear sunfish and starhead top-minnows.
>I've commited my 180 to 4 of the sunfish and I'll probably turn a 55 
>over to
>the 6 starheads for their springtime fling.
>My point in writing you is advice on orange-spotted sunfish - like 
>where I
>could get some.  While native to Michigan, they have a very restricted 
>and are not very common.  

I've sent you a trading post ........there are several NANFA members in
Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin who keep and breed this fish I'll passs
your note around see if I can scare some up !

Is there a reliable source to purchase some 
>now so
>I could get them ready for breeding this spring?  Also, I'm curious 
>the dollar sunfish.  Any thoughts on where I could get some of those?  
>haven't enough of anything right now for trading, and to be honest I'm 
>sure of the legality of exporting fish from Michigan.
>Native keeping is not very popular here, but my local pet store is on 
>me to
>start a club.  Maybe it will grow.  Let me know if you can help me 

Dollar sunfish come from my neck of the woods .......I'll see what I can
do..........there are a LOT of Native fish keepers in Michigan where are
you located ? You could easily get a local NANFA chapter started
especially if you havee the support of a local pet store !!!


Robert Rice

NANFA PREZ and all around native fish pest !!