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prollo at juno_com: Jeff Foltz <jwfoltz at CLEMSON_EDU>: Re: FieryBlack Shiner (Cyprinella pyrrhomelas)

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>I was recently in contact with Jay DeLong about the above referenced
Dear Peter,

	I can ascertain what streams to check for them.  They are
not particularly abundant in SC (compared to yellowfin shiner or bluehead

	You would have to first determine the rules and regs of
transporting them
across state lines is you live outside SC.

	SC and others now have many complicated laws about interstate
transport of

	Let me know and I can direct you to localities where they have
collected previously.

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Do you have any reason to believe, that if the FieryBlack Shiner is
legally collected, there would be any laws limiting transport of this
fish outside S. Carloina and into Pennsylvania.  Let me know what you
find out.

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