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Rick Phillips <rap at tricon_net>: NANFA-- Longear Sunfish

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From: Rick Phillips <rap at tricon_net>
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Subject: NANFA-- Longear Sunfish
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 12:34:44 +0000 (GMT)
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I have had a fascination with native fishes ever since my childhood days
when we used to seine colorful darters while trying to catch hellgramites
to use for smallmouth bass fishing in the North Fork Holston River in
Tennessee.  Later in my college days we would collect and identify many
species from this location including E. ruflineatum, E. zonale, E.
camerum, E. blenniodes, E. cinerum and many shiners, chubs, and even a
beautful Percina aurantiaca taken while snorkeling in this river.

I have recently begun keeping native fishes in an aquaruim.  I now have a
few longear sunfish from the Clinch River in Hancock County, TN.  I have
few questions that I hope could get some info on.  Can more than one male
longear coexist in a 55 gal aquarium?  So far of the 10 or 15 longears I
have caught on hook and line I have not taken a single female...is this
unusual?  I can't seem to get them to eat anything except mealworms and
crickets...what would be some good prepared foods to try to wean them
onto?  Finally, in regards to hybrids, their seem to be many redbreast
sunfish in the same locations which show an awful lot of blue-green
spotting on the sides yet retain the long, narrow ear-flaps.  I wonder if
their could be hybidization between longears and redbreasts.  Thanks for
the info.  I really enjoy the information here.

Rick Phillips
rap at tricon_net

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