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Re: cOLLECTING REPORT..................

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997 23:36:09 -0400 tabman <flatwood at bellsouth_net>
>robert a rice wrote:
>> and the following fishes.....
>> 50 plus evergladi pygmy sunfish young of the year
>> 1 redfin pickeral 4 inches (  open for adoption :).. )
>> 15 Bluespotted sunfish under 5 inches
>> 35 plus Flagfin shiners
>> 100's of 1/4 inch Leptolocania Omata NONE KEPT TOO SMALL
>> 1 Dollar Sunfish
>> 1 Mud Sunfish
>> 14 Fundulus Cingulatus
>> 5 Southern Star Minnows
>> 9 Fundulus Chrysotus
>> 6 Fundulus Escambia
>> 5 brown darters (they ain't brown buddy they is nice)
>> 6 female hetrandria formosa all pregnate and fat and in my GARAGE
>were some of these intended for the pond behind your house???

the starhead topminnows now live in the pond behind my house .....the
other species temporarily occupy some of my 20 tanks....most of the fish
collected will be sent  to various Universities, and Individuals with
serious breeding prgrams, the rest are on their way to
Europe..............:) to a wholesaler with serious breeding

 AND how
>aree you transporting these ?? keeping em alive??

a 48 Quart cooler did the trick over the day and the 1 hour trip home
...the water had soured by then and the fish were in dire need of
relocation and or water  changes...I had over 200 fish in there wich is
way more than I normally take , but with the excellent collecting ( i
kept 1/10 th of what I collected) and the huge need I took a few more
than normal

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