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Re: Linking with the Aquarium related websites....

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997 18:49:11 -0400 tabman <flatwood at bellsouth_net>
>i don't think i have enuff history to be able to make a judgment of 
>type. if there's an easier way to do this then do it. if there's any 
>i can help, then let me know. i'm not wired into the fish cyberworld 
>am eager for information that will help me with my own project. 

So are you you aware that the NANF list of wich you subscribe and the
NANFA list are 2 seperate list ?  

>membership in nanfa has helped me and i feel that i've already gotten 
>$$ worth.
>at the rate i'm moving it will take me a few years before i get the
>specialized knowledge that will be beneficial to the group as a whole
>but i'm always willing to help..........

Actually as far as I am concernered specialized knowledge is not nearly
as important attiude are you willing to organize a local meeting., Can
you pass out applications to pet stores , grocery stores or anyplace else
with a community bulletin Board ,Can you write a letter to the editors of
Aquarium Magazines or your local State magazine if you are willing to do
any of these things then NANFA need you ......The Job is big and a
college degree is not required just a smile and a bit of hustle 

Robert Rice 

NANFA President