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"Geoff & Julie Kimber" <gkimber at flash_net>: re: Fishey fishey in the brook/...............

Please respond to both Geoff and the group..................

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Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 22:33:15 -0700
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I have been on the NANFA  list for a couple months now and my interest in
natives is reaching an all time high.  Of course, I now live in southern
AZ, where the creeks are dry and the fish are exotics.

This fall my wife and I  plan to visit my wife's family in Chicago.  The
easiest route home is though Springfield MO and into Oklahoma.  

I read this article with a LOT of interest and a determination to spend a
day or so in Arkansas on the way home to Tucson.  My collection goal is
find a good schooling fish and some darters to put in 1 or possibly 2 55
gallon aquariums.  After reading your article, I have a couple questions
that if you have the time, I would appreciate answers to.  I plan to
purchase Peterson's from www.amazon.com as soon as it is available (they
have it on order now).

Do you have a collecting area you might recommend that isn't too far away
from the NW corner of Arkansas?  What sort of shiners and darters would I
be likely to find in that area?  WHat are the water conditions in that
region? In Tucson, our water is VERY hard with a TDS of about 750 ppm and
pH of about 8.4-8.9.  I expect I will need to adjust the pH of the tanks
before I introduce the fish and I would love a head start.

WHy did you return the sculpins?
Do you have any hints to avoid loss to fungus like you experienced?

Most of your articles describe seine and dip nets (I have both, just in
case I need them in the desert ;-)
Have you tried using minnow traps very often?  If so, any pitfalls to
avoid?  if not, why not?

The drive from Arkansas to Tucson is 2 days.  I have been considering
buying a power inverter to allow me to use a small pump to draw water
through zeolite and activated carbon for the ride home.  I plan to use
several coolers to avoid extreme overcrowding for the trip (I am blessed
have a minivan and an understanding wife)   This should reduce the ammonia
and other organic waste products produced on the road.  Does this seem
reasonable to you?

Again, I appreciate any time you might take to help me out.

Geoff Kimber
gkimber at flash_net

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