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Geographic Aquaria Meeting

As promised, there will be a meeting on Geographic Aquaria Tues, 13 May,
1997 at 9:00 PM EST at teh Aquaria Study Group in the Conference Room.  To
attend this meeting, telnet to Port 8000.  New users are
always welcomed.  However, if you are new or unfamiliar with telnet,
please attempt to log in at an earlier time to get the hang of the talker. 
This topic has become a rage amongst aquarists in recent times and its
popularity continues to grow.  As natural awareness becomes more popular,
so too will this fascinating method of fish-keeping.  To find out more,
show up for the chat.  All you need is a telnet application. 

As any Native Fish Tank certainly qualifies for a Geographic Tank, this 
topic may be of interest to any number of people on this list.  Please 
attempt to stop by for this meeting or at any toher time.  There is a 
Native FIsh Room availiable to allow for live talk.
J> L. Wiegert
NANF List Manager
Wiz - Aquaria Study Group.
COme Visit Us: Telnet: Port 8000.