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native fish info and source


I have been lurking on this list for a couple months.  I have been keeping
exotic fish for years, and have occasionally tried keeping natives when I
lived in upstate New York.  Now that I live in Tucson Arizona, it seems
that all the fish in the few local streams are either imports or

I am starting up a 55 gallon aquarium at work and am interested in keeping
native fish.  Since I am at work, I will not have access to RO water
easily, so I will need to keep fish that do well in Tucson tap water
conditions.  Our water here is very hard with a pH of about 8.6 out of the

I would like to keep a small group of schooling fish, along with a couple
non-schooling mid water fish.  Finally, I would also like to keep a couple
darters.  I would prefer not to keep full size sunfish or bass as they will
rapidly outgrow my tank and I don't want the dilemma of what to do with

Any ideas of what to keep?  Any ideas (or volunteers) for sources?  

Geoff Kimber
gkimber at flash_net