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Re: Collecting in TN

> Thanks for responding, J.R.  I believe you have just made the point for
> NANFA's main reason for existance.  Not only mussels but many of our
> fishes are disappearing at an alarming rate, and almost exclusively
> of habitat degradation.  There are some very beautiful and interesting
> mussels in Tennessee, some of which might well be suited for aquaculture.

> I sincerely hope we can come to some sort of understanding between
> and amateur naturists on one side, and professional conservationists and
> authorities on the other.  Perhaps that will allow us all to work
together to
> bring our native fauna to the attention of the masses before many more
> species are extinct.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Whitfield

And quickly, too.  It hasn't been more than a couple of years since I saw
my first zebra mussel in Lake Chickamauga.  On my last trip to Chattanooga
in January, they were the only living mussels I could find.