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Re: Native Aquatic Plants

Thanks to all for the food for thought.  Thanks also for the list of web
sites that deal with native plants.  I've learned a lot--but mostly I've
learned that a lot of what I've collected is  exotic.  In a way that's a

I live in West Tennessee, Memphis actually, and collect most of my plants
in the sandy springs of Mississippi.  In winter the plants thrive in the
relatively warm water, while the critters that live on them are mostly
dormant.  But, yes, I take the same precautions with the sagitarias I
collect there as I do with the sagitarias from the pet store.  My son picks
through the specimens and culls the dragonfly nymphs and whatnot for his

The plants come out of the sand very easily with little root loss which has
a lot to do with why they transplant so well.

The collecting (fish, plants, rocks, wood) is really the best part of this
hobby.  Everything in my tanks has a story behind it.  

Thanks again.