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Re: Native Aquatic Plants

I agree with you to some extent, but it is very rare that you find
anacharis in a pet shop or water garden store (ok, a REPUTABLE pet shop or
water garden store) that has a large ammount of murk, various worms, and
such notable nuisances as dragonfly larvae on it.  My main point, whether
I made it clear or not, is also that when you try to get a plant from a
river, stream, or pond, its difficult to remove it without heavily
damaging it.  I've taken anacharis, cabamba, and other "water weeds" out
of a local stream for years, and a lot doesn't survive.  The last thing
you need is a bunch of dead and dying plants covered with dragonfly larve
in the tank with your new Rainbow Darter fry. . . . . ! Also, more rooted
plants are just plain impossible to remove without killing them.  Beyond
that these plants often provide a great service to the fishes living
within them - both as shelter, hunting ground, and provider of food.  It
is a bit doubtful that removing a bit of plants from the bottom of the
stream is giong to hurt anything, but .... 
J. L. Wiegert