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Position paper...

Hi all!

While I appreciate the many go for it letters I have recieved in regards
to a collecting position paper for each individual state we have a
problem. When I said I wanted your help I meant just that I wanted your
help ! To complete this monumental task I will need people to edit,
distibute and oversee any positions claimed.My intention was that with NANFAS diverse background we could give this thing an eclectic approach
and begin to solve the problem.SO what all this means is I have no intention of writing a solo position paper as NANFA president.I would however
LOVE to cordinate a team that handles this paper.Without the support of
Biologist, Aquarist, Proffessors and Proffessionals  such a motion is
bound to fail. So again i ask I need your help to develop a position
paper for each state that addresses the importances of the role of
Aquarist / collectors in resource management. My format would simply be
a open letter to the legislature and fisheries personell asking them in
effect what about Aquarium rearing nd collecting.Scientific permits have
proven much to restrictive in most cases.......Anyhow I need a team to
make this happen Fisheries personell please jump in!Aquarist ,the water
is fine.....