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Re: digital info available?

wweaver at csra1_csra.net wrote:

>     In the near future I intend to build an aquarium that will have a 
> foot print of either 3x8 or 4x8 foot.  I want to put a false bottom 
> to it so I will be able to use under gravel filtration. 
>     My problem is short of weeks of drilling holes I can not seem to 
> figure out a source for a plate that will allow under gravel 
> filtration.  I intend to also have an external DE filter located in a 
> utility  room.
>     Has anyone done a project of  this size in the past, and do you 
> know a source for a filter plate.

If you use the 1/2" thick eggcrate with fiberglass window screening on top,
you may want to space the eggcrate up from the bottom with short lengths of
1/2" PVC tubing.  If you cut the eggcrate 1/2" short in the front and sides
and add a border of PVC tubing all way around the perimeter, siliconed in
place, then you'll have room for current to flow beneath it, and the tubing
along the sides will keep gravel from going beneath the eggcrate.  You can
cut a round hole for the downtube for the airline or powerhead, sealing it as
needed with silicone.  Be sure to get ascetic acid-based, aquarium-safe
silicone with no added fungicides, and soak it through several days of water
changes before adding gravel.
    You may want to add an elbow to the powerhead down tube and extend the
tubing towards the middle of the tank, for more even flow.  You may want to
re-think the whole idea, though.  Unless you're reversing the flow
(pre-filtering the water, then forcing it down the tube and up through the
gravel), you're going to get decomposing gunk beneath your filter plate.
 Eventually you'll have to tear down the tank - some texts I have say 6
months, some 12 months.  That's a lot of work in a tank that size.

Good luck,
Mike Whitfield