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Re: "Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi" <normane at hevanet_com>: NANFA mail--Robert Bock: NANFA News

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Hello Onis, 

>Now whether these jellyfish still live in these streams or not, I do 
>not know but this area has been relatively stable for all my life and  
>there is a good chance that these small creatures still live there.  The
>location, I never found out and my cousin died last year.

There is reportedly only one species of freshwater jellyfish in North
*Craspedacusta sowerbyi*. Lake Quachita is known by some local Scuba
divers as occasionally having a large populations of jellyfish. The
jellyfish are a reproductive or medusa stage of a freshwater hydra.

Freshwater jellyfish have been found in several locations across the U.
S. mostly in lakes, ponds and quarries. They have been reported in large
reservoirs like Lake Quachita and Lake Mead and in a few sluggish

Freshwater jellyfish appear very sporadically usually between July and
October. They may be abundant in some years and totally absent in later

I have seen them in Beaver Lake AR and still have one poor quality slide
of an individual taken during my early attempts at underwater
photography. I have been hoping for a another chance at photographing
them but so far I have missed the opportunity.

Garold W. Sneegas
gsneegas at juno_com