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Re: "Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi" <normane at hevanet_com>: NANFA mail--Robert Bock: NANFA News

Here’s a story you may be interested in.  About 45 years ago I was fishing
with my parents at the (then under construction) Lake Quachita dam near Hot
Springs, Arkansas.  The dam was placed at the headwaters of Lake Hamilton.
One of my cousins pulled up to the boat dock in his fishing boat.  In a Coke
bottle he had three fresh water jellyfish.  These small creatures(and they
were alive for they swam around in the Coke bottle by contracting themselves
like salt water jellyfish), were composed of two rings; one about ¾ inch in
diameter, and the other slightly smaller.  The two were rings were set one
on top of the other and spaced about ½ inch apart.  They were connected by
three or four(I forget which) spindles.  Their appearance was like that of a
kitchen stool with the seat removed.  They were an off white with a pale
bluish tint; much like the color of milk glass with a blue tint.  My cousin
said he had found them in one of the tributaries which flowed into Lake

Now whether these jellyfish still live in these streams or not, I do not
know but this area has been relatively stable for all my life and  there is
a good chance that these small creatures still live there.  The exact
location, I never found out and my cousin died last year.

Onis Cogburn
k5vkq at ix_netcom.com

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>Date: Monday, March 03, 1997 9:22 AM
>Norm and Lisa, for the list.
>Attention all members.  Chris Scharpf and I have instituted a NANFA News 
>column for American Currents.  Unlike previous versions of this column, 
>which included other items, NANFA News focuses exclusively on reports from 
>the Regions, as well as from individual members.  We always need
>let us know what you're doing, whether it's collecting or a speaking 
>engagement, whether you've published a fish-related article, or are just 
>having a neat time observing the shiners you brought home from the bait 
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