Couple of things.

Again, I appologize for the real short notice on the chat.... It was 
unfortunately hastily planned.  I do have logs available if anyone wants 
tehm. As the logs are on a seperate account, please drop any requests to 
that accont: Jwiegert at fantasia_galaxynet.com - note there is no L in 
jwiegert.  On a second note, in the near future (couple of weeks) I will 
be doing a chat on those beloved miniperches known as the Darters.  Any 
questions on natives will be fielded though.  If you do not know how to 
telnet or just need help getting in, drop me (do not send it to the list 
please) an e-mail at this line or jwiegert at fantasia_galaxynet.com.  
J. L. Wiegert