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As you may see from the attached NANFA continues to develop partnering
oppourtunities where we have common ground. So I am asking for input on
potential projects that we can be involved in on a practical level. I
have a laundry list but Id like to here from you the members befor I
proceed on things...What do our fishes need on a practical level? Stream
restoration, Endangered Species Propagation, Public Education, turn those
brain cells on opportunity has knocked....FYI BBN is a federal program
that dispenses grants  they dispensed 3 + million last year with their
only goal the practical restoration and  preservation of Native fishes
this means no university research Grants....Let me know 

Robert Rice

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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 14:28:34 
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Mr. Rice,

Thank you for your continued interest in the BBN program.  I realize that
have set some timelines for setting up a partnership with our programs, I
still very interested in pursuing those opportunities; highlights in
membership involvement, etc.. Fortunately or Unfortunately, the BBN
program has 
doubled in size this year and yet I still only have two hands? If we are
to a create partnership it will have to wait until April (after the
grants are awarded and contracted.) or the heavy lifting is going to have
to be 
done by someone else committed to seeing our partnership advance.( read
your name here).  Assuming we are going to move forward on the
partnership we 
should consider some goals:

How is this partnership going to benefit the resource?
How is it going to promote both BBN and NANFA?
How do you envision you members assisting projects?

BBN needs new and innovative projects that are on-the-ground.
BBN needs to build a corporate council to promote private investment in 
conservation of native aquatic systems.
BBN could use good press and promotion to help with the above needs.

BBN would like to encourage you members to work with FS,BLM,Reclamation
and FWS 
to instigate, plan, and apply for BBN project funds.

This is my first line of thought on our partnership.  Please kick them
and keep the dialog alive.  

Thank you.

Marty Kearns 

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