Re: Etheostoma Spawn.

>The how tos on spawning E. sp. "Cavespawner" is simple, put them in a 
>tank.  Take out the fry.  i don't know what causes them to breed or 
>but I keep getting spawns out of them! :-)  The E. spectabile are from 
>the White River Drainage, Mo.  The method for spawning them was taught 
>me by Dr. Goldstein.  A male and several females are placed in a 10-20 
>gallon tank.  The fish should be conditioned (which can be done in 
>virtualy any tank.)  A cup of pea-sized gravel is placed on a rock in 
>tank, which the filter overflows into.  The male will take over this 
>(HOPEFULY, I had a spawn in the gravel at the other end of the tank.  
>I've found that making this the only option seems to work well [i.e., 
>make it a bare-bottom tank.]  Once or twice a week, remove the cup and 
>check the grabel for eggs.  The eggs are then incubated in shallow 
>dishes of gravel.  The eggs must remain in the gravel or they 
>rot....  hatching takes place 9-10 days later.  The fry eat nauplii 
>(either Brine shrimp -- which I hate as a fish food - or daphnai), 
>grindal worms, etc. The fry grow amazingly fast.  I've been having 
>trouble keeping them alive.  I've had several spawns and my one 
>pair is still alive, but the fry only seem to want to live at best 6 
>This is their second spawn to get to a decent size but the numbers are 
>dwindling..... I'm beggining to wonder if there might not be some sort 
>genetic flaw or maybe I just cna't raise fry.  :-) (Probably the 
>I did read and thourouly enjoyed the article on them in TFH, so rare 
>native articles appear.  I'm working right now on three native 
>myself.  One is jsut a general introduction to natives I'm writing for 
>club.  The others are an article on Darters and an article on general 
>natives.  Are you talking about Percina nigrofasciata as the 
>darter? I'm awful with common names.... Thats the only fish I could 
>of with Nigrofascia... in its name..... :-)
>J. L. Wiegert
Yep thats the fella ...Yopu might want to drop a Note to Larry Page
(Petersons Field Guide to North American natives, Guide to darters...etc
NANFA GUY) and get yourself some ID books if you  dont have any ...let me
know And I'll give you his email adress...as for your writing do you have
a home for these articles yet ? I'd like to see them ...I'd be happy to
introduce you to the editors of TFH FAMA and Aquarium Fish MAGAZINE (yep
their NANFA Folks :(...)...(ok I promise no more NANFA things for the
rest of the week)....If you have never had any articles published i
reccomend you try TFH first the pay a little but are very positive to ne
writers and Ray the editor really likes native fish...If they turn you
don i can assure you a publicatio in an unamed Fish club publication
...the need is high to the info out and i can't keep up :) so what can I
do to help you and others get the word out I will....

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