Re: Etheostoma Spawn.

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, robert a rice wrote:

> Yep thats the fella ...Yopu might want to drop a Note to Larry Page
> (Petersons Field Guide to North American natives, Guide to darters...etc
> NANFA GUY) and get yourself some ID books if you  dont have any ...let me
> know And I'll give you his email adress...as for your writing do you have
> a home for these articles yet ? I'd like to see them ...I'd be happy to
> introduce you to the editors of TFH FAMA and Aquarium Fish MAGAZINE (yep
> their NANFA Folks :(...)...(ok I promise no more NANFA things for the
> rest of the week)....If you have never had any articles published i
> reccomend you try TFH first the pay a little but are very positive to ne
> writers and Ray the editor really likes native fish...If they turn you
> don i can assure you a publicatio in an unamed Fish club publication
> ...the need is high to the info out and i can't keep up :) so what can I
> do to help you and others get the word out I will....
No, I don't have an identification guide for darters. Please send me his 
e-mail, thanks.  I only have a home for the general introduction to 
natives articles, the others I'm jsut writing.  I haven't been published 
in anything majour yet, but hopefuly soon.  I was going to try TFH first, 
but then try AFM if they turn me down.  I'll e-mail you the articles as 
soon as they're finished.  Thanks a lot for your help,
J> L. Wiegert