Collecting today

 Hello Native Nuts,

Dan Logan, Amy Tarlow and myself have just returned from a successful foray
into the cold Oregon outdoors in an attempt to capture fathead minnows
reported to be in a creek in Washington County.  We captured three of them,
confirming the report.  However, I was wondering if anyone can tell me, do
fathead minnows typically have a spot in the leading edge of the dorsal
fin?  Perhaps they are really some other Pimephales sp.?  It was about
thirty degrees out today, so we were all pretty cold, but I was worse off
then Dan or Amy, for I don't own any waders.  If anyone wants to get me a
Christmas gift...(make them BIG please.).

We also captured one reticulate sculpin, and Dan swears he saw a large
trout under the bridge.