Re: Collecting today

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi wrote:

>  Hello Native Nuts,
> Dan Logan, Amy Tarlow and myself have just returned from a successful foray
> into the cold Oregon outdoors in an attempt to capture fathead minnows
> reported to be in a creek in Washington County.  We captured three of them,
> confirming the report.  However, I was wondering if anyone can tell me, do
> fathead minnows typically have a spot in the leading edge of the dorsal
> fin?  Perhaps they are really some other Pimephales sp.?  It was about
> thirty degrees out today, so we were all pretty cold, but I was worse off
> then Dan or Amy, for I don't own any waders.  If anyone wants to get me a
> Christmas gift...(make them BIG please.).
> We also captured one reticulate sculpin, and Dan swears he saw a large
> trout under the bridge.
> Norm
Glad to hear you caught the minnows you aimed for.... If I remember 
correctly, the fat head minnow does have a xpot on the edge of the 
dorsal.... I may have confused it with another species.  NO WADERS in the 
ice water? Ouch,  I hope they let you hold the bucket on the shore....  
You'd be surprised where trout will turn up, btw.  Sometimes a fingerling 
from a stocked creek may crawl in or perhaps on may have been released.  
Or it may have been a log. :-)  Glad to hear about hte sculpins, been 
trying to get me some lately... Hopefuly this spring I'll get some....
J. L. Wiegert
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