Re: Questions from a beginner

>Hello, I sent these questions to Chris Scharpf and he suggested that I send
>them to the entire list so here goes:
>1)Will the greenside darters and sculpins eat anything except   live foods?
> I have only been able to get them to take, tiny earthworms, black worms,
>brine shrimp, and various nymphs I have caught(tedious).

  I have a brown darter that has taken to flake food, but will eat live food
if available. Most other darters that I have had needed live food. In
addition to what you are feeding them, they will of course eat other fish. I
have been amazed at how big a fish they can consume in ratio to their own size.
>2)Will a yellow bullhead become aggressive (i.e. eat) toward the smaller fish
>as he gets larger?  Right now about 4"-5" and growing rapidly.

  don't know

>3)Will crayfish bother other fish in the tank?  I saw a note somewhere that
>said they will attempt to catch fish during the night.

  yes. Especially smaller bottom fish. I have had a larger crayfish sit on
top of a submersed air filter and take a whack at anything that came near,
no matter what the size. That individual made it back to the creek.
>4)Will red breastsunfish and/or rock bass coexist with anything else?  All
>individuals that I have tried are very nasty to each other and any other
>species in the tank(75 gal)

  The experience that I have had is similar. I do have a shadow bass that
co-exists with a brown eel, but the eel is the dominate fish in that tank.
I have had luck with some aggresive salt water fish I have caught. What I
have done is when I introduced the fish to the tank (juvenile coca damsel),
I separated him in the tank from the other fish with a clear plastic
divider. I arranged a rock formation in his area that he could feel
comfortable in. After about a week I removed the divider. He now tends to
only protect 'his' area of the tank. In the past when I have introduced
aggressive fish into the tank they attempted to take over the entire tank.
This approch may work for sunfish also.
>5)Any suggestions for catching madtoms?

  I have never caught madtoms. I would like to hear about other peoples
techniques for catching these fish. I have caught a small sailcat, once. It
was in a homemade trap in which I used nylon screen instead of metal screen,
like the manufactured traps use. I have theorized that maybe madtoms/catfish
cannot enter the trap openings unless they are more flexible because of
their pectoral spines. What do you think?

Bob 'rocki' Nawrocki

>Thanks. Dave Hough