Re: Questions from a beginner

DaveCyndy at aol_com wrote:
> Hello, I sent these questions to Chris Scharpf and he suggested that I send
> them to the entire list so here goes:
> 1)Will the greenside darters and sculpins eat anything except   live foods?
>  I have only been able to get them to take, tiny earthworms, black worms,
> brine shrimp, and various nymphs I have caught(tedious).
> 2)Will a yellow bullhead become aggressive (i.e. eat) toward the smaller fish
> as he gets larger?  Right now about 4"-5" and growing rapidly.
> 3)Will crayfish bother other fish in the tank?  I saw a note somewhere that
> said they will attempt to catch fish during the night.
> 4)Will red breastsunfish and/or rock bass coexist with anything else?  All
> individuals that I have tried are very nasty to each other and any other
> species in the tank(75 gal)
> 5)Any suggestions for catching madtoms?
> Thanks. Dave Hough

Dave, here are some of my thoughts

1) I have never kept the greenside darters but I am able to feed my
sculpins  and tesseltaed darters frozen krill.  They seem to love it
well enough.

2) From what I have seen with bullheads, if it fits in their mouth, they
will eat it.  Just today I had to move a bullhead that must have been on
growth hormones.  I had collected it earlier this year and it was about
2-3".  In about 2 mo. it must have been at least 6".  It was basically
trapping the smaller fish in a corner, and then swimming into the corner
eating whatever it trapped.

3) The crayfish I've seen haven't bothered the fish at night.  They do
snack on whatever had died, but haven't bothered the living.

4) I haven't kept the redbreast or the rock bass.  My guess is that if
they were the smallest inhabitants they might be ok.

5) Haven't collected madtoms but would like to.  I need to find a good
location first.
Where are you from?

Hope all this helps