Nomclemature (anyone know how to spell that?)

Looking through a book on Native Fish in NY, I read over the names 
refference for Small Mouth bass.  One of the refferences was Cichla 
fasciata, 1822 Lesueur.  Lake Erie at Erie and Buffolo.  A second was 
Cichla minima, same year and author, Lake Erie Lagoons.  As the SM bass 
is Micropterus dolomieui, I take it its trivial name has changed and one 
of the refferences is Large Mouth.  Just wanted to share the information 
that Bass were once considered Cichla's.  I am wondering if it is 
possible the genus was changed and later resurected for modern cichlids?  
Anyone know?  I am one of the few people who actualy like Nomclemature, 
even though I can't spell it (but then, I can't spell didly skwat).
J. L. Wiegert
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