North American Native Fishes book m/s (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 14:22:53 -0400
From: Rjga at aol_com
Subject: North American Native Fishes book m/s

I'm editing the m/s of a large book on North American native aquarium fishes
from northern Mexico through Canada. It already includes a list of federally
protected species, and individual state write-ups of regulations and
state-protected species. However, I would like assistance with the following:
(1) A summary of Mexican laws governing the collection of freshwater fishes,
with a list of protected species, and the address of the agency who provides
that information; (2) I am given to understand that Canada has no equivalent
to the U.S. Endangered Species Act. What does Canada have and is there a name
and address from which I can get this information? (3) I need the addresses
of the Provincial Game and Fish Agencies of Canada in order to contact them
for collecting restrictions and lists of provincially protected species.  For
those interested, the book will be published by Texas A & M University Press.
Thanks very much to all those who take the trouble to read this, and
especially to those who can provide help. - Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.  8480
Garvey Drive, Raleigh, NC 27604, tel 919-872-1174, fax 919-872-9214, e-mail
Rjga at aol_com.