Re: nanf To: Andrew O'Farrell

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Andrew O'Farrell wrote:

> I live in Montreal but travel to Quebec City region about once a month.
> I keep natives from southern Quebec as well as sticklebacks and killies
> from the brackish tidal marshes out east near Riviere du Loup.
> I am currently keeping:  Johnny Darters (E. nigrum)
>                          Tesselated Darters (E. olmstedi)
>                          Iowa Darters (E. exile)
>                          Marbled bullhead (Ameirus nebulosis marmoratus)
>                          American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)
>                          Banded Killifish  (Fundulus diaphanus)
>                          Brook Stickleback (Culea inconstans)
> My next target is the Central Muddminow (Umbra limi).
> Does anyone know where I could obtain a male American Flagfish in the 
> Montreal/Quebec region?  I have a very lonely female.
The Central Mudminnow!   What a target.  You've set a rather lofty goal 
to find that one.  It should be interesting to see if you can find any or 
not.  A suggestion: when looking for it do not skip over water that looks 
like it may not contain fish.  They may be in the water anyhow....  I'm 
planning a trip this summer into the Adirondeck State Park to look for 
the same fish.  (I'mm in Upstate NY).  Unfortunately, I do not know where 
you can obtain Flagfish, short of contacting someone in Fl.  On two 
occasions I've had the fish. Both times they came from pet shoppes.  
Contact some shoppes in your area to see if they may be able to order 
some for you.  Also, if they get live food ships from Fl, find out when 
they get them and see if you can check them for Flags.  I've obtained 
some interesting fish this way.
J. L. Wiegert
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J. L.
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