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> Patrick Timlin made the following observations: Since this is a natives 
> list, it would be a pretty good idea for each of us to list our region, 
> that way if one were looking for such-and-such a fish, and new it was 
> native to This State, one could E-Mail a person in This State.  Also, he 

Hi all,   

I live in Montreal but travel to the Quebec City region about once a 
month.  I keep natives found in Southern Quebec as well as sticklebacks 
and killies from the brackish tidal marshes out east near Riviere du Loup.
I am currently keeping:  Johnny Darters (etheostoma nigrum)
                         Tesselated Darters (etheostoma olmstedi)
                         Iowa Darters (etheostoma exile)
                         Marbled bullhead (ameirus nebulosis marmoratus)
                         American Flagfish (jordanella floridae)
                         Banded Killifish (fundulus diaphanus)
                         Brook Stickleback (culea inconstans)
My next target is the Central Mudminnow (umbra limi).
Does anyone know where I could obtain a male American Flagfish in the 
Montreal/Quebec region?  I have a very lonely female.
I'd be happy to provide a list of the freshwater fishes of Quebec if 
anyone is interested.


Andrew O'Farrell <a_ofarr at alcor_concordia.ca>

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