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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V3 #63

thats very true Klaus

It would seem that most of the people that live there have become very 
nonchalant about the wonderfull bounty of species that are endemic to that 

Try living in the far North regions of the world --well Scotland  far north 
by Florida standards any how 

the few native species we have are by no means a colourful or as interesting 
as the massive amount of species that can be found there

the 3 spine stickle back being a notable exception to this 

i just wish i could have access to the sort of river systems that are endemic 
to florida but then i may as well become disinterested in these bonny native 

when over there last year i returned back to scotland with a brimming 
shipment of natives for my own and other chosen aquarists enjoyment

this was in no small part made able to me by David Sanchez of 

with out his help i would have never found the wekiva river and would not 
have been able to go collecting whilst out there 

you should be proud of the massive biodiversity in the USA  i just wish the 
temperate climates had similar diversity (that is -that which can be kept in 
a tank )

So happy fishing and collecting 


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