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NFC: Re: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V3 #62

Thank you for the information.  Sadly, Katies Landing is no more.  They went
out of business.  The state bought up the property and have padlocked the
gate and posted no trespassing signs.   The bridge over the Wekiva at sr 46
has 12 foot high fences all the way across and down along the bank a ways.
It seems the state is serious about protecting the upper part of the Wekiva

The stream was out of its banks this weekend, but I did manage to find some
wonderful looking Okeefeenokee type Elassoma. much farther downstream
...what a magnificent fish!!

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> re collecting in florida
> Klaus
> i do not live in the florida area but if you can get to katies landing
> outside sandford
> then take a trip upriver for bout a mile the water is absolutely teeming
> ellasoma sp
> mixed in with a load of holbrooki  and the blue finned killies
> Katies site seems to be down  at the mo but this will give you all the
> details you need
> <A HREF="http://www.floridaparks.com/katieswekivariverlanding.htm";>katies
> remember to get loads of ice for keeping the fish cool
> regards
> john
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