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NFC: Fw: looking for Fish


Robert Rice - NFC president   www.nativefish.org

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Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 11:09:28 +0200
Subject: looking for Fish
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Dear Mr. Rice
my name is Ralph Huemer and I am living in Vienna/ Austria. Since years I
am keeping and breeding north american native fish. My favorits are
sunfish, elassoma and fundulus species. And because I found your articles
for the NANFA in the internet I write this email to you.
For long time I am looking for F. cingulatus and F. notatus but it is
impossible to get these fish in Austria. So I 'd like to ask you if you
or other NANFA-members still keep or breed these fish and if you have
some of them to give away. 
 Because of the distance between our homes I 'd like to ask you if you
ever send fish or fisheggs to Europe. 
Do you know if it's possible? Please let me know if there is a way to get
these fish.
There is a lot of fish I am intersted in, so please send me a list of
available species.

Thank you very much for your answer


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