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Re: NFC: A Yearly Tragidy


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From: nfc at actwin_com
Date: Sunday, April 07, 2002 07:10:14 AM
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Subject: Re: NFC: A Yearly Tragidy

I walk daily for back injury in a public trail on the
edge of a state park, I pick up trash daily, I carry a
grocery sore plastic bag, and deposit it in a bigger
trash bag at the start, when that one is full it goes
to a dumpster, all summer I pick up beer bottles right
at the start that the bastards are to lazy to even put
the bottles into the trash bag there.
sore spot with me.
--- PrplShark at aol_com wrote:
> It was said in a post awhile back, its ABOUT THE
> MONEY! Guess how much money 
> is spent on 7 day fishing licenses', or permits
> renewed the day people hear 
> about a release. How much tackle is bought that
> day? Poles? Bait?
> As far as the clean up, you as a reader know about
> it, as do I. Just a 
> thought for those of you wanting to do something
> about it, you can do as I 
> do. At a site I collect at, the banks were
> collecting more garbage then the 
> city does on trash day. I make it a point to take
> along a trash bag and to 
> FILL it up prior to leaving and leave it 6 feet from
> the road just like the 
> clean up crew does on the day they mow the grass on
> the roads. I'm a 
> handicapped individual with 5 herniated disc's in my
> back, and if I can do 
> it, see what some of you can do (no PAIN, no GAIN).
> A case of empty beer 
> bottles just don't look good next to some blooming
> Saggitaria plants. 
> Complaining has its' good points, but action gets
> things done. Just remember 
> that trash bag next time you pack your gear for
> collecting.
> Victor
> Prplshark at aol_com
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