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NFC: fry babies

        Good morning friends,thanks for your input on sunfishs.The fry are
still here ,day two of free swiming.I have a snowy white fungus covering the
 and everything else.The fry swim in and out of it without trouble,I believe
its from the boil lettuce I introduce prior to spawn.After the eggs were
observed I used a weak solution of nox-ick, and add a drop or two daily.I
put foam curlers on input of filter, unused of coarse ,wives brilliant idea.
The eyes and full stomachs are visible on the ice crystal like fry, their
egg sacks are obsorbed.Any more input would be terrific, I've been out of
trops for over twenty years. I forgot how much I enjoyed it, now the kids
are grown and I can afford a hobby again!!!! 

    does it will
    Ron Coon

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