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Re: NFC: fry babies

Ron I 'd siphon that fungus off the bottom, you'll
need to do a number of partial water changes anyhow,
the feed level you will need to do to keep them fed
once they are eating is substantial and the water will
need changing.
--- ron coon <rcoon at buckeye-express_com> wrote:
>         Good morning friends,thanks for your input
> on sunfishs.The fry are
> still here ,day two of free swiming.I have a snowy
> white fungus covering the
> bottom
>  and everything else.The fry swim in and out of it
> without trouble,I believe
> its from the boil lettuce I introduce prior to
> spawn.After the eggs were
> observed I used a weak solution of nox-ick, and add
> a drop or two daily.I
> put foam curlers on input of filter, unused of
> coarse ,wives brilliant idea.
> The eyes and full stomachs are visible on the ice
> crystal like fry, their
> egg sacks are obsorbed.Any more input would be
> terrific, I've been out of
> trops for over twenty years. I forgot how much I
> enjoyed it, now the kids
> are grown and I can afford a hobby again!!!! 
>     does it will
>     Ron Coon
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