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NFC: Fw: Questions on "minnows"


Mr Rice:

I enjoyed your article.  I have a 500 gallon pond with a waterfall in my
backyard in San Antonio, Texas.  The pond is less than one year old and I
have 12 goldfish ranging in size from 7 inches to just under 1 inch.  My
pond has been fairly healthy and stable.  My three largest goldfish
offpsring twice last summer.  I know that minnows is a general term
to many species of small fish but I'm just not sure what type of species
have acquired.  Here are my questions:
1. Did I make a mistake by placing ten 1 to 2 inch minnows in with
(No problems for the first 3 days noted.)
2. Will they eat goldfish flakes? 
3. Also I'd love to find a source for any variety of madtoms.  Any ideas
i could acquire some? 
As you can see I'm pretty much in the dark concerning minnows but I
to try my hand at a local variety of fish.  Any help or direction you can
give is appreciated.  I can also be e-mailed at my home:
roncindav at aol_com

Ron Davis