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Re: NFC: Re: "The Burbs"


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From: nfc at actwin_com
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 04:33:16 PM
To: nfc at actwin_com
Subject: Re: NFC: Re: "The Burbs"

Do I ever...and little El Cajon, and Imperial Beach when it had wetlands of
its own, yes indeed.
The reason the politicians don't give a hoot is twofold, in my opinion.
First, most folks do not understand this line of thinking. They see
development as improvement, and can't understand the few folks who get up in
arms over vernal pools, etc. And - to be honest - many of the folks who do
complain are so "over the edge," that they are not taken seriously.
Second, most folks who run for local office in So. Cal (or Phoenix, or
Vegas, or Virginia Beach, or...) are generally funded by developers of some
sort - they are often ex-real estate folks. But if they run on
pro-development (or "smart development") it is the same, the developers are
behind them, they fund them, they expect favors from them. When you do get
that rare "stop the insanity" County Board of Supervisors in there, look how
quick they get the boot next time...usually under the mantra "they are
trying to tell us Americans how we can use our own, private property!"
I concede there must be development, but I would like to think we could do
it a little smarter than we have, and are...
We need to look at sewage issues, water issues, land management, land
abandonment (look at all that salty scrub near Bakersfield/Fresno/Grapevine
that used to be cotton fields, not irrigated into lethal nothingness), and
plan smarter - but we never do.

On 3/12/02 1:11 PM, "jake levi" <jlevi_us at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Then you remember Escondido as a pretty little town.
> My big complaint is the irrigating of ornamentals for
> artificial aesthetics. I also still get heartburn from
> the irrigated cotton around Phoenix. The oranges of
> orange cnty have been yanked out and replaced with
> higher selling avocadoes which are now over producing
> so they trash millions of lbs every year. Urban sprawl
> is another major mess and its also drawing down the
> aquifirs. 
> and no-one gives a damn. at least not enough to do
> anything about or for it. The politicians are the last
> ones who are going to open thier yellow mealymouths.
> jake
> --- David Meyers <dmeyers at salts_navy.mil> wrote:
>> It isn't just Southern California...
>> Take a look at Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon.
>> Take a look at the rice fields of northern
>> California, the cotton fields of
>> Central Califonia, the tomatoes out in Yuma - these
>> are all damaging the
>> environment in one way or another.
>> Urban sprawl in Georgia and the Carolinas around
>> every lake and river...
>> Hawaii itself...enough exotics there to ensure mass
>> extinction...
>> We can go on and on, the problem is sprawl - instead
>> of recycling land -
>> urban blight areas, we find it easier to go to
>> undeveloped or agricultural
>> land to build...away from all that. When I first
>> showed up in San Diego in
>> 66, it was mostly farm and ranch land, and the
>> problems you detail below,
>> were quite insignificant - that has all changed now.
>> David
>> On 3/12/02 6:55 AM, "jake levi" <jlevi_us at yahoo_com>
>> wrote:
>>> Arlus, one correction,
>>> you should have written all of Southern California
>> and
>>> much of Central. The irrigation of ice plants and
>>> other exotics on highway medians is a disgrace.
>>> California has a 'mediteranean' climate and they
>> want
>>> it to be Hawaii.
>>> The water isnot there to do it so they are
>> draining
>>> much of the western aquifer for ornamental
>> irrigation.
>>> The national disgrace is about to become a
>> national
>>> disaster.
>>> jake
>>> --- Arlus Farnsworth <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:
>>>> Just a quick comment... suburbia is known to
>> replace
>>>> native vegetation
>>>> with imported exotics, usually not palatable to
>>>> local wildlife needs,
>>>> hence an ornamental desert functionally. Green
>> lawns
>>>> in the desert is a
>>>> perfectly horrid extreme of this mentality. Case
>> in
>>>> point, the city
>>>> state and country of LA.
>>>>> And this all started out because the project is
>>>> REPLACING the wetlands and a
>>>>> rookery
>>>>> SamB
>>>>> Boo
>>>>> I dont see the 'burbs being trashed into garbage
>>>> dumps
>>>>> at quite the same rate as the 'low cost housing
>>>>> developments'.
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