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Re: NFC: Redbreast Sunfish ?

Bill Hoppe wrote (in part):

>>   If you are refering to the redbreast sunfish i
>>   have no experience with it but i have yet to see a
>>   young sunfish that could resist a minnow trap . Put
>>  2 or 3 traps in where they are and you should get some.
>>  Sunfish like to hang out in traps . Dont even need
>>  bait.

And Wally Billingham wrote: 

>>  If they are big ones that you want hook and line is very 
>>  effective. Use a catch and release hook like they sell 
>>  for trout. Very thin wire and barbless. A few worms 
>>  under a bobber should work great for you. Try and set
>>  the hook as soon as they hit. You will miss a bunch but 
>>  should have no problems getting some for your tank 
>>  and the ones you get will be lip hooked. The small 
>>  wound will heal up very fast.

And on its web-site * , under "Method of Taking Freshwater Fish", the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says: 

   (1) Game fish .... may be taken with pole and line, or rod and reel. 

   (2) Game Fish - black bass, black crappie ... redbreast sunfish ....[rest of list snipped.]

So ... the only lawful way to capture redbreast sunfish in Florida is by hook and line. 

Always pays to check the local regs to find out the home rules.


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
It could be worse, we could be in
California (with sympathy to you
wannabe "fish samplers" out there 
who are so situated.) 

* this is a strange link, I'm not sure it will work

http://floridafisheries.com/rules.html#METHODS OF TAKING FRESHWATER FISH