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Re: NFC: Fw: Fw: Macrhybopsis

Absolute ignorance here, but what is "buring?"

> From: robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com>
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> Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 21:42:12 -0500
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> Subject: NFC: Fw: Fw: Macrhybopsis
> My colleague, Dave Herzog, has kept both sicklefin and sturgeon chubs in
> an
> aquarium.  Actually, Dave kept several species of Macrhybopsis together
> in a
> single aquarium.  Dave says that speckled and silver chubs are more
> aggressive than sicklefin and sturgeon chubs.  Speckled and siver chubs
> readily ingested flake food and tubifex worms nearly to the exclusion of
> sturgeon and sicklefin chubs.  Dave suggested keeping sicklefin and
> sturgeon
> chubs separate from other large river species and using lots of aeration.
> When kept by themselves, sicklefin and sturgeon chubs ate well.  Dave
> thinks
> frozen or fresh brine shrimp would be a better  food choice for what he
> calls a "meticulous" feeding habit.  I'm not sure what that means.
> Dave suggests that one would increase chance of survival to collect
> sicklefin and sturgeon chubs in late winter or early spring.  Individuals
> that have survived the winter seem more robust than those collected in
> summer.  Summer water and air temperatures seem especially hard on these
> species during transport.
> Incidently, Dave Ostendorf is keeping crystal darters in his aquarium and
> notes that despite their size, crystal darters are timid and seem to be
> outcompeted by conspecifics from the Black River, Missouri.  While gilt
> darters, river darters, and stargazing darters appear robust and very
> active, crystal darters appear undernourished and very nervous in his
> aquarium with these species.  We have observed the "buring" habit of
> crystal
> darters (in which Pflieger (1997) noted there was only circumstantial
> evidence that crystal darters do this).
> FYI.  I just had an article on seining published in the Missouri
> Conservationist.  Are you interested in seeing a copy for the NANFA
> website?
> Have a good day!
> Bob
> Robert A. Hrabik
> Missouri Department of Conservation
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>>>> Christopher Scharpf <ichthos at charm_net> 01/25/02 02:58PM >>>
> Bob,
> Have you or Dave Ostendorf (I lost his email addy) ever kept sicklefin or
> sturgeon chub in aquaria? If so, what can you report?
> Thanks,
> Chris Scharpf

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